Ian von Berg

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Purpose and Mission Statement
·          My financial planning practice was established in 2009 to provide cost effective financial advice with a focus on strong strategic analysis of my client’s financial position and understanding of their objectives.
Points of differentiation
·      Ability to provide best practice strategic advice.
o   Extensive experience working with clients to develop strategic outcomes.
·      Qualifications and Experience.
o   Qualifications including Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment, Diploma of Financial Planning and Certified Financial Planner.
o   Over thirty years experience of providing advice.
·      Ability to provide a broad range of advice including areas such as
o   Superannuation strategies
o   Direct equity investment.
o   Educational cost planning strategies.
o   Estate planning scenarios.
o   Complex SMSF strategies.
·      Solution focused not product focused.
·      Competitive fee structure based purely on work undertaken and not on asset values.
o   Non-commissioned or asset based investment fee structure.
·      Specialist risk expertise in developing comprehensive protection programs using efficient cost structures.
o   Ability and preparedness to use a range of options such as industry funds to achieve savings for clients.
·      Ability to work effectively with other disciplines to develop effective outcomes.
o   Track record in working with other financial professionals to fine tune strategies to achieve an optimal outcome.
·      Strong commitment to ongoing service to ensuring that outcomes are maintained.

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