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"I Just Like To Simplify Property' Property Mentor, Investor and Educator, Fleur Allen, Presents: Property with Purpose x3 (Family Times, Self-Nurturing & .... Giving).

Learn how ANYONE Can Use Property to have the Time AND Money to Fund their Cause Seminar
Fast Track Day to Success in Property Workshop
Property with Purpose Mentoring Program

Fleur Allen is the founder of Property with Purpose x 3 (Family Times, Self-Nurturing .... GIVING) and passionate about teaching you through her series of seminars and workshops to use property to have the time AND the money to fund the cause, purpose or passion of your choice.

Her vision for Property with Purpose is for every professional to achieve financial freedom through home ownership and property investment to fulfil their purpose in all areas of their lives.

We believe in authenticity and making a difference. In our customer's eyes Property with Purpose stands for a long term view to financial freedom maintaining a balanced lifestyle. We deliver a quality service by empowering our customer's and fostering a community of likeminded responsible property investors.

“I Just Like to Simplify Property”

Property Investor and Educator, Fleur Allen, Presents:

Property with Purpose x 3
Family Times -- Self-Nurturing -- and GIVING

“Learn How ANYONE Can Use Property to Get The Time AND Money to Fund the Cause -- Passion -- or PURPOSE of Their Choice"

For the first time – you can learn what Fleur calls “an Instinct for Property” and apply it to her PROVEN DIY method for Property Investing (and it’s NOT complicated – difficult – or expensive as you may have believed)!

In less than two hours the BIGGEST GOLD NUGGET takeaway will be…

“It’s not only possible – But it’s NECESSARY in our current market to use YOUR UNIQUE PURPOSE to uncover lucrative property deals.

“If I can increase my initial deposit by over 280% from my first property purchase within only 5 years and fund my deepest passions – then so can YOU!"

During the seminar, Fleur will be sharing:

The 5 Crucial Steps to Buying “Property With Purpose”

1. Defining your “Unique Purpose”: How to Eliminate Stress and Ensure Your Success

2. Becoming the “Expert at Using Experts”: How to Leverage “Your Newfound Insight” to Save You THOUSANDS

3. Cap The Pressure -- CAP The EMOTION: How to Make Profitable Deals EVERY TIME

4. Uncover the Perfect Deal with the “Deal-Rating Secret” (LESS THAN 1 HOUR Per Week)

5. The “Ultimate Deal”: Succeeding at the End

PLUS -- Fleur will also be teaching:

-- How to Win Deals Based on YOUR UNIQUE PURPOSE

-- How to Take Out “Overwhelming Emotions” When Buying

-- How to Develop an “Instant Instinct” for Property

-- What is “Instinctive Immersion” and How Does It Affect Your Investment?

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Testimonials? You can see what some other people had to say about Fleur’s training here - it's so compelling:


Fleur is extremely passionate about educating and helping people fulfill their purpose through property. I attended Fleur's Property with Purpose seminar last year and whilst my fiance and I already own property, I found it very useful. I'd recommend Fleur's seminar regardless of whether you are just entering the property market or if you've held a property or properties for some time.
Cara Mollica

Fleur really walks her talk. All on a modest, below average annual income, Fleur funded her dreams of living in one of the most prestigious suburbs of Perth -- bought her dream car for her 40th birthday – and funded her own “Unique Purpose” and greatest passion – giving back to the Arts.

Throughout this journey she increased the initial deposit on her first property purchase by 350% to that used on her most recent property. She achieved this all in less than 10 years.

She emphatically states…

“This is NOT a complicated or risky ‘Property Investment’ program -- NOR is it one of those ‘Give Us Your Money and We’ll Buy a Property For You’ Companies.”

Fleur will EMPOWER you to go out and invest in property and Feel Confident —“You’ll really know for sure that you’re making a smart decision and getting a sensational deal – that’s right for YOU.”

“Everyone – including you – can increase your personal wealth through property investment to fund your dreams, visions and purpose in all aspects of your life… and I can prove it to you.”

You can learn this system ONCE -- and apply it to ALL your property purchases – NOW, and FOREVER.

REMEMBER -- You’ll be learning 5 Crucial Steps to Purchasing “Property with Purpose” taking away literally pages of notes to implement immediately.

You can take in 2 hours of Fleur’s exclusive 1 Day Training FOR JUST $29.00 ($745 Value) --- This Is NOT an INTRODUCTION. It is full of unique, nothing-like-it content. It is wisdom, not just information, that you can use straight away.

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