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Do you know that the recommended lifespan of a Business photo is 1-2 years?

Do you know there's more to a business photo than just a pretty picture?

It is time to move away from head-shots and start using personality photography - purposefully designed images that create real connections to your ideal clients.

Perth Personality Photographer Pille wants to help businesses use images that tell a story and inspire the viewer to act.

She strives to create images that convey the personality of the people and amplify the brand message. Pille creates beautiful, engaging photography that can be used in marketing, social media or on your website and are congruent with your branding and web design.

Pille’s education has taken her through studying Asian Culture (focusing on Tibetan Studies) to learning travel business by work experience, becoming guiding tours all over the world and becoming graphic designer and marketing coordinator. Then the winding road went on to IT Networking studies. Realising that troubleshooting is not her strong suit she finally followed her heart to a Marketing and Branding course and photography as a business.

She now works with small to medium size businesses helping them grow their likability online by using the right imagery. If you are a start-up business and not yet sure about your branding, she can help you setup the basics of your business brand or if you have an established brand she will work within the guidelines of your brand creating images that inspire action.

Get in touch with Pille if you’d like to learn how photos can help your business.

P: 0452 074 597
E: pille@personalityphotographer.com.au

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As a speaker it is important to have images that are an accurate representation of who I am as a professional. Pille has an eye for details and knows how to capture your personality in a way that you feel comfortable. Having worked with Pille for branding and profile photos, event photography and family photos, in addition to collaboration on marketing events, she is a pleasure to work with and will guide you to achieve the results you are seeking.

Jo Saunders, Wildfire Social Media Marketing

I love Pille’s work - my website is filled with it! Pille works quietly in the background at events, unobtrusively capturing magic moments with very high quality images. I recommend her to my clients - her portraits are stunning. She has the knack of capturing the “personality” of events as well as people.

Pauline Bright, Business Coach, Bright Business

Pille is so talented with the camera. I am always extremely happy with the photos she takes, whether they be staged or candid. I would confidently stand by Pille’s ability to put the personality in photography.

Vanessa Thiele, Coach, Action Potential Group

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