Gillian Roulston

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Gillian Roulston Artist

Colour and texture is what I combine to create my paintings.

The process of creating is a fantastic vehicle for experimentation with a variety of mediums such as inks, charcoals, paint, different materials – the list is endless. My style of painting is diverse. It varies with whatever I am creating at the time with influence of my mood, the subject and the music I have playing in the studio.

Being raised on a remote mixed farming station west of Esperance also has influenced my painting. Being able to run free and let my imaginations run wild with the encouragement of a very creative and artistic mother and supportive father. I studied art during my secondary schooling.

My first career was involved with creating advertisements for a newspaper. I picked up the paint brushes again over 25 years ago and through experimentation, research, short courses, reading and whatever else that might help, I am on a great discovery tour, which I hope will continue for a long time.

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