Linda McMahon

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Linda McMahon is the founder of Essential System Solutions, is also known as the Time Management Chick and Systems Queen.

Most successful business professionals know that time management and systems are vital to both a successful career and lifestyle however struggle to juggle everything.

About Linda McMahon

Over the last 15 years, Linda has been obsessed with time management, interviewing and talking to over 100 business professionals regarding their time management issues.

Over the past 9 years, Linda has worked exclusively with small business owners from sole traders to multi million dollar businesses and franchises – assisting to create and implement strategies for a sustainable and successful business, whilst getting time back for themselves.

Daily PlannerThis has put Linda in the perfect position to see what is needed and to deliver a daily planner for business professionals to assist you to be more productive every single day, allowing you more time to grow your business or career and more time for family, fun and for you!

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