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Paul Duncan Competitive Edge CoachingPaul Duncan is a successful small business owner & entrepreneur growing and developing businesses for 15 years.  He has been recognised by his peers for his ability to manage teams, identify continuous change and implement actions to reduce cost, enhance quality in customer service and increase margins.

During Paul’s career he has identified that in today’s competitive world, the best way to ensure organisational success is to delight the customer.

Today and tomorrow’s customers want responsiveness, reasonable cost and high quality in products & services. Quite, simply if a business does not meet or exceed the customer’s needs & expectations their competition will.

Leaving the corporate world to become a business coach Paul brings with him some key strengths in multi-site retail & franchise operations management.

Paul believes a good management philosophy is that“Systems run the Business” and “People run the Systems” with this in mind business owners can free up more time to do the things they need or enjoy doing.

All great and successful athletes have a coach, someone to give advice, set strategies and mentor to extract the skills and best performance from the sport person in their chosen field, there is no difference in business coaching.

Without a coach business owners might never reach their full potential and achieve their goal and visions.

It is no longer enough simply to “embrace” change. 
Continuous improvement must become a way of doing business.

When Paul works with his clients, together they actively seek improvements and set systems and processes that support and drive initiative, trust is the key.

As a business coach Paul is mindful of developing a work environment so that people work without fear, within a culture that encourages pride in both personnel and organization accomplishments.

Passionate about having a balanced level between work and family, with 4 kids (two just in their teen years) Paul believes there is an importance in spending quality time at home.

As they say 
”You can spend all your money and keep making more but once you have spent your time it is gone forever”


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