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Bianca Gayle Jewellery DesignerYou are the creator of your own path. Driven and daring, you’re motivated to get the best out of life and discover new possibilities.

I believe the excitement and being open to new opportunities will lead you to discover your best possible self. I understand that at times in our lives it feels like our deepest desires are difficult to realise. I get it, life gets busy and circumstances leave us stuck in our 9-5 job. I have been there. I had a desire to turn my creative hobby into a dream jewellery business and I yearned to do what I loved and be my own boss. And that's what I have done!

2004 that I discovered a fascination with jewellery design. I attended a jewellery party and was amazed at what the host had produced. My imagination ignited and I was on a mission. I purchased beads and tools and set to work further developing my natural talent. My technique is self-taught, which I think is pretty awesome and it just goes to show that if you set your mind to it, you can do anything! I had heard the saying hundreds of times but now I truly appreciated what it meant. I was in love. I found inspiration everywhere I looked and I would immerse myself in designing and creating jewellery at every chance I got. Late nights, early mornings, weekends you name it. All while still beating the rat race, I set things into motion to build my dream jewellery business.


Fast forward to today and I still take great delight in mixing and matching colour and textures to create unique sophisticated pieces of jewellery that reflect my passion and excitement for what I do. My inspiration is drawn from places I’ve travelled, nature, music, art, colour and people I meet along the way. I love to experiment with different styles and colour combinations bringing class and elegance to every piece. My journey so far has taught me that if you have a passion for something and the motivation to give it go, anything is possible.

So get excited about the things you love. Turn your dreams into reality and discover a zest for life. If I can do it, so can you! You will feel empowered, fulfilled and life will feel just that little sweeter.

Are you ready to be inspired?

I am Bianca Gayle and welcome to my part of the Out of the Box Biz shop! I look forward to falling in love with my designs and taking one or many home with you.

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