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So often we open a bank account, take out a home loan, or apply for a credit card and then we ‘set & forget’ it. Let me ask you, when did your business last change a product?  or did you update your service fees? Because it is highly possible that it was more recently than when you last reviewed the very structures that you use daily to transact on everyday.

Over the 11 years I have worked in Financial Services, I have learned so many things about running your banking efficiently, helping people review their existing facilities and identifying ways that you can tweak them to save money, or in some cases suggest a restructure to bring your banking into the new era of better product and linking them up to new technologies.

Your banking is the centre of your financial wellbeing, and your home loan is for most of us the biggest debt we will take on in our lives, so I encourage you to book in some time to review your current position, and let me help you with some of the strategies I helped to implement over the years to help my clients take back the time they spent worrying, or working through a complex web of accounts, and often just save more money for the things that matter most.

My offer to you and your families is complimentary ‘Financial Health Check’ with myself or one of my colleagues at Commonwealth Bank, regardless of where your banking is, or how it is currently structured, I know we can add value by assisting with strategic suggestions and tailored recommendations for you.

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