Life Mastery Seminar

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Do You Sense That The Blocks Within Yourself Are Holding You Back From Creating the Life You Know is Possible?

Are You Ready to Heal, Open Yourself Up To More of Your Potential and Create A Life Aligned With Your Soul’s Purpose?

Yes? Then read on….

Receive $297 Value for only FREE for our 1 day Life Mastery Seminar

Life Mastery IS a 1 day “transformational”, hands-on and experiential seminar that will improve your:Health, Happiness, Relationships, Direction in Life & Empowerment to create a life you love.

Life Mastery is NOT a basic introductory day nor is it group therapy where you must share your deepest secrets. This one-day seminar has transformed thousands of lives around the country over the last 3 years through the powerful teachings we deliver and through the Holistic Coaching processes we guide you through.

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Our seminar will have a profound impact on your life no matter how new or far along the spiritual or personal development journey you are on. We often hear from our attendees that Life Mastery goes way beyond many of the seminars and programs they have previously attended and integrates all that they have heard of before yet in one succinct, enlightening and inspirational day.

This is a FULL DAY event – 8.30am Registrations, 9.00am Start, 6.30pm Finish


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