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The Australian Best-Selling Book:

‘Ignite Your Property Investment MOJO’  is perfect for every aspiring property owner and property investor. Even if you have bought your own home you will find great value on how to take the first step towards property investment. Look no further this book has all you need to put the right step forward.


Achieving your financial goals in life relies on your willingness to take consistent appropriate action. The trick is knowing what action to take. This book is a great opportunity to be informed about your property investment options and the safe guards to put in place to protect your growing wealth. If you’re serious about building wealth through property you need to read this book.

Mark Robinson

Australia’s Leading Wealth Protection Expert

Acquire Wealth Solutions

Over the last 15 years  I have built a property portfolio spanning both Australia and the USA. I would not have achieved this without investing in both my education and expert mentors. This book is a great place to start for anyone wanting to build wealth through property, the experts within share their knowledge and provide next steps for those seeking financial freedom through property.

Trish Davies

USA Real Estate Investment Coach.

I’ve funded my lifestyle for the last 15 years using the income from my property portfolio, so I know just how possible the goal of financial freedom is. If you want to fast track your path to a profitable property portfolio, then you NEED to read this book

Chris Gray

Investment Property Expert

Host of Your Money, Your Call, Sky News Business Channel.

“As learning from other peoples experience is the biggest secret to success, this book is an excellent read. Ignore it and you’re just making your life harder and your success in property less certain. So please do yourself a favour, read this book and let your results soar.”

Dale Beaumont – Founder of Business Blueprint and Author of 16 Best-Selling Books

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