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What Happens In A Session?

Aside from the many proven tools, techniques and approaches available to help you, three key roles are often used in sessions:

Counselling Role:

People often need their experiences, feelings, and authentic story to be heard and totally accepted without any judgement, criticism evaluation. What happened or is happening to them is 100% real in their world and the impact it is happening on their life. In the Relationship Counselling or Marriage Counselling role, you can safely share what is going on.

Coaching Role:

When coaching, many questions will be asked to help the person search for their own answers and insights. Often you will have the answers and may know what to do but there is something in the way that is either blocking or sabotaging your actions. So with Relationship Coaching or Marriage Coaching, the focus is on helping you get clear on what you want and to identify the resources you already have inside.

Consultant Role:

There are two key reasons that people are often not able to resolve relationship issues.
1. Limited Options: You many have limited options to choose from when facing a relationship issue. Like only having a menu of three choices at a restaurant. So when you are faced with a relationship problem you will choose the best option available to you. Often these are the limited options you used in the past. The same is true for the other person, they have a set of limited options that you are probably familiar with.
2. Lack Of Independent Support: You may not have independent support to help develop new strategies and help keep you on track as you start to try out new ways. It takes time to develop new habits and ways of thinking. You may have experienced giving up and reverting back to an old familiar pattern or strategy.

As a Consultant, this role is to offer new customised strategies to help you with your relationship. This will give you more choices and awareness in handling relationship situations. These strategies will always be working toward getting your needs met as well as helping others get their needs met.

What Can I Do If My Partner Does Not Want To Come To Counselling?

When one person in a relationship changes, the dynamics in the relationship must change. So if you are looking to change your marriage or relationship, by you changing things around you will change also. The big challenge here is that your marriage or relationship will unconsciously want things to remain the same as this is what people around you are familiar with. This is where working with someone is critical to support you as you create and develop your new habits to become the more authentic you. The best thing you can do is start today with support.

Why Are You Different?

For one, a session is a session. There is no fixed time for a session, as everyone is different. Most sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes, some a bit shorter and some a bit longer. It all depends what comes up on the day. There is a natural flow and we both know when it is naturally time to end.

Secondly, I have experienced significant pain and loss in life around relationships, and have dedicated my self to finding the very best proven approaches to understanding how relationships really work so I can not only help myself in my relationships but to help others like yourself, in your relationships..


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