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Have you ever felt stressed because you wrote some notes and you can’t find them?
Do you feel extremely frustrated because you know you should be more organised and that you’re wasting time looking and often have to go and do something else in the hope you find it later?

Do you feel overwhelmed because you have so much to do but then procrastinate because you don’t know what to do first?

Are you frustrated, because you know if you focused on one thing at a time like the productivity experts advise, you could make more money, outsource more and then be able to have more fun times with your family and friends?

Today more ever we must protect and maximise our time, take care of ourselves and family first, have time to work ‘on’ our business instead of always ‘in’ our business and find the most effecting planning systems.

In this fast paced world we need to keep distractions at bay and our goals top of mind or we risk being swallowed up in the whirlwind.

For too long we have been told to be able to focus in your business, “All you need is self-discipline! “

The reality is that’s not enough – business owners need all the help they can get, especially if you add a family on top. 

We have found when you have the right planning system, goal setting, daily reminders and mindset, only then can you focus and become more productive, make the profit you desire and have the time to live the life you set out to have when you started your business.

Research also tells us, that when we write things down, we’re more likely to get the things we want done, every day!

This is why creator Linda McMahon developed this brand new planner, Ezy Planner:

Sold By: Linda McMahon


Introducing Ezy Planner – designed with:-

  • A system to record and retrieve lists – find what you need at a glance.
  • Powerful daily productivity strategies to keep you focused and in control.
  • A year of goal setting worksheets to keep you on track and get results.

An all in one place for everything!

What would being more productive every week be worth to you? $50.00, $100.00, $500.00 or more. per day?

What would it be worth for a whole year?

Unlike other planners, Ezy Planner:-

  • Is refillable and flexible for your unique business and personal needs.
  • Allows you to subtract and add pages for projects, lists, events etc.
  • Uses proven time management strategies on every page to get things done.
  • Ezy Planner is the last time you’ll have to buy a diary, planner, notebook or journal, because it’s your refillable – all in one!

Out of the Box Biz Founding Director, Fleur Allen has been using Ezy Planner since September 2017 and has created these reviews:

Product Reviews Online: Ezy Planner

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What’s included that is different to other planners?

  • An index system – so you can always find your notes and lists quickly.
  • Yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goal setting worksheets, as well as ideas on how to goal set for success.
  • Powerful monthly checklists and money trackers.
  • Monthly appointments/events and tasks pages.
  • 12 months of customised day to a page diary pages allowing you to work in batches of tasks and time zones with space for daily gratitude and affirmations and your business top six priorities. Also comes with lined page to the left of daily page for all your daily notes, extra to-do’s, project information and the like. January 2018-December 2018.
  • Affirmations suggestion page and three affirmation sticker pages to get you started. Peel off chosen affirmation and stick on your current daily page.
  • 30 double-sided spare pages to use as required.
  • A (faux,vegan) leather covered ring binder to use again and again. You can refill this binder next year by purchasing the re-fill pages only. There is a  place for some business cards, any loose paper and a penholder. You also get a personal information page, reference and public holiday, school term and year to a page calendars.
  • Plus for ease of use, it has step by step set up instructions of the whole planner system.
  • As a bonus to ensure even more success, you’ll also have access to our Productivity Success Videos – valued at $197.00.
  • A further bonus to keep you on track – we also welcome you to our closed Facebook group, reserved only for the ‘Ezy Planner’ community, for ongoing planning support.

 The ‘ Patent Pending’ diary page design can single handedly: –

✓ Easily allow you to work on groups of tasks and boost productivity 
✓ Brings back focus so you get the important things finished 
✓ Keeps your mindset in the best state it can be 
✓ Provide you with direction of tasks at a glance 
✓ Reminds you of daily power habits that make a huge difference to your 
✓ Gives you a fool-proof system so things won’t be missed 
✓ Provides a ‘safe place’ to brain dump as you can easily retrieve 

The planner pages are the perfect size being B5 – just right!
(Smaller than A4 – bigger than A5 at 176mm x 250mm)

* Planner also fits easily into a medium sized hand/manbag!


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