Directing the Winds of Change Seminar

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Harmony & Prosperity as your way of life
Helping you create heaven on earth

Feng Shui practitioner & Change facilitator, Fran Maunton (as heard on ABC Radio) presents
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Saturday 28th July 2018, 11am – 2pm

Venue: Cockburn ARC, Aquatic Room, 31 Veterans Parade, Cockburn Central, Western Australia  6164

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Learn how anyone can use Feng Shui & Energy Management to create a life in which Harmony & Prosperity is a clear choice/dominate

For the first time, you can learn from Fran ever increasing self-empowering skills that will help you create positive change in your environment that will increase your levels of Prosperity and create harmony for you and those you nurture and/or influence. It’s not complicated, it’s not difficult and it’s not expensive – it is powerful.

How much you already know about changing energies
How simple it is to make a significant change
Energy can be manipulated in your favour
Feng Shui works my tapping into irrefutable laws of nature

If I can open the door to repair my marriage, step out of grief driven depression, learn to reconnect with my intuition, identify & step up to the wisdom of my purpose, then so can you.

During the seminar, Fran will be sharing 8 crucial steps to Directing The Winds Of Change for you and your family (or for you and those you nurture and/or influence)……… based on the fundamental Feng Shui principles of Heaven, Earth & Man

1. Clutter what is it and why do we have it
2. Essential Oils changing the harmonic balance
3. Organization
4. Your Neighborhood how does it support your property
5. Your Feng Shui understand, identify & harness the source of prosperity at your property
6. Your Horoscope learn who you are as an energetic being
7. Food how does this influence anything
8. Meditation Learn how to use your intuition to manage your space

You can see what people say about Fran’s training here – how powerfully it has changed their lives:

Fran ‘Feng Shuied” our home whilst our son was studying for his TEE. She said his study desk should be against a different wall in his room. He was far from convinced but did it anyway. After just a few weeks he noticed a dramatic improvement in his retention of facts and ended up with a TEE result that was far higher than any of us had predicted.

My new house has a much warmer feel after making the few discrete changes that Fran suggested. I would highly recommend Feng Shui Fortunes and the training they offer. Julie Goor

This is not complicated feng shui learning nor is it a get rich quick program.
Fran will empower you to return to your space in the world and feel confident that you have some control over how it feels and what it delivers to you.
Everyone, including you, can increase their level of Health, Wealth & Happiness by taking control of the physical and energetic clutter that exists in their surroundings.
You can learn this …………once and apply it to all your spaces, now and forever.

REMEMBER – this is 8 important steps to increasing the Harmony & Prosperity by learning how to DIRECT THE WINDS OF CHANGE.

Bob Dylan sings ‘the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind………

Don’t let those answers float on by you. Take action now to harness all that the wind and your space have to offer you.

You can take in 3 hours of Fran’s exclusive 2-day training for just $68 ($346 Value). This is NOT an INTRODUCTION. It is full of unique, nothing like its content. It is wisdom, not just information, that you can use straight away.

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