30 Hours pm Business Support – Milestone Package


Sold By: Jay Shaw


With our Milestone Package of 30 hours per month of Business Support – this is equivalent to you having ONE DAY A WEEK OF NOT DOING :-

– Virtual receptionist (Dedicated Company Telephone Line available)
– All administrative tasks
– Selling of your products
– Calendar Management
– Data Entry
– Invoicing/Reconciling
– Social Media Management
+ ne: thing else that needs doing, just not necessarily by you.

You wouldn’t get an experienced full time administrator for the same hourly rate – one who upsells your business every chance they get.

Find out more at www.nesolutions.com.au

“Jay and her team are focussed and get right to the heart of your issues and suggests solutions that will work and that you can start on right after the meeting.”
Lynn Adamson | LA Legal Services – Perth, WA


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