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Calling all business professionals seeking:

Low Cost/high returns ONLINE PROFILE & education


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Are you an Out of the Box Thinker?

  • Wanting Online Sales?
  • New lead generation sources?
  • Seeking high-quality business leads?
  • Motivated to do what it takes to achieve regular sales?
  • Building a professional business brand online?

We provide:

  • An E-Commerce Membership Website
  • An Exclusive Network Professional People and Business Owners
  • Business Development and Education available 24/7 online
  • Access to Expert Guest Speakers inclusive of your membership
  • Online Exposure of over 10,000 connections on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

We negotiate Bonuses with businesses we partner with giving Out of the Box Biz Members exclusive access to VIP Free ticket offers and more worth 2 – 3 months worth of membership alone.

We are the most innovative business network in Australia for the following reasons:

  • Live salesperson at the end of every client email and phone enquiry
  • Interactive, live communications within our online community
  • We adapt to the market. When Facebook marketing was taking off we embraced this by adding a Like button on every product on our website for clients to like and share to their larger, motivated networks.

Does this fulfil your needs?

Out of the Box Biz is an online community and marketplace and therefore we would encourage you that if you would like us to make the lead generation aspect of your professional life easier please express your current business needs to see if we are a good match for you.

We give our members access to our website as a promotional tool plus our experience and skills in promoting businesses. This is an effective way to gain web exposure without the high costs and use of time to obtain a website on your own.

Join our Business Community: highlight the membership level that suits you best to have access to a variety of tools and services at your fingertips. We do not demand exclusivity outside our website and events because we believe it is to your benefit to remain active and working in a variety of networks, therefore think of us as working with you or on your behalf.

However, we are only after ‘out of the box’ thinkers they:

  • Are Motivated to go to the next level
  • Value authentic communication
  • Seek regular business educational experience
  • Are problem solvers seeking out of the box solutions
  • Commit to participating and contributing in order to receive maximum gains and
  • Seek a business marketplace to support them

If this is You then Read on….

You join the community of members of:


Accounting, Banking, Clinical Psychology, Mechanic, Time Management, Financial Planning, Property Development, Business Education and Development, Fitness, PR, Virtual Assistance, Event Management, Gifts, Health and Wellness Products and Services, Finance, Real Estate, Bookkeeping, Financial Management, Copywriting, Personal Development, HR, Music, Community Development, Marketing, Online Marketing, Video Marketing, IT, Art, Interior Design, Presentation Skills, Graphic Design, Website Development, Small Business Publisher, Feng Shui, Settlement Agent, General Insurance broker and more…


Accountant, Banker, Psychologist, Mechanic, Time Management expert, Property Manager, Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner, Property Developer, Health Coach, Videographer, Personal Trainer, Wine-Maker, Virtual Assistant, Property Mentor, Copywriter, Credit Product, Beauty & Health products, Life Coach, PR Educator, Bookkeeper, HR Consultant, Music Booking Agent, Community Development Manager, Marketing consultant, Digital marketing consultant, IT management, Artist, Stockbroker, Interior Designer, Vocal Coach, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Body Painter and Make-Up Artist, Feng Shui Consultants & more


Winery, Coffee business, Caterer, Chiropractor, Doctor, Dentist, Podiatrist, Author, Illustrator, Hairdresser, Baker, Horse trainer, Inventor and more

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Services Bronze
Short website Bio
OOTBB profile page
OOTBB team Email & phone support
Sell products & services on web
Successful website sales commission fee – negotiable according to sales volume
Member Induction course
Annual ‘How You Help’ Survey
6 monthly Member ‘Needs’ Survey
Ask a Master Networker access  
New member phone meeting  
Annual member phone meeting
12 month pricing option
Flexible payment option via zippay
Membership fees negotiable for 1 year + members and according to website sales volume
Access to Monthly event video footage
Networking for Success Workshop $97
 Exclusive Member bonuses, offers and discounts