how to buy jewellery online: 5 tips to buy the finest quality

how to buy jewellery online: 5 tips to buy the finest quality

Do you want to know How to Buy Jewellery Online? You don’t know anything about Fine Jewellery

You are seeking 5 tips to buying the finest quality jewellery? Look no further

how to buy jewellery online

Have you ever shopped for fine jewellery online and just before paying, you have thought: “what if the quality is rubbish”? That has been enough for you to give up and leave the website and process of buying a unique piece of jewellery and left you feeling depleted and frustrated. We’ve all been there! Parting with money for something online that you’re not entirely sure about is a reality.

Your desire for a piece of jewellery that is original and unique has led you to discover an online world full of beautiful handcrafted pieces. But how do you trust the maker and the quality of the jewellery?

Well, I’m here to let you know that your online fine jewellery shopping experience can be super easy and enjoyable when you follow these 5 tips to buying the finest quality jewellery:

1. Detailed description and materials used

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Online shopping has become the way of the future! And shopping for something so personal such as jewellery can be challenging as you cannot touch the piece or even try it on to see how it looks. However don’t let that deter you in the past we thought buying shoes, clothing online or even banking online was crazy. These are not crazy nor is buying fine jewellery online.

One way to ensure you are buying a quality handmade piece of jewellery is to take note of the description and the materials used. By reading the item description which should include a detailed list of materials, size and weight, you can easily determine the quality of the piece. If this information is absent by all means ask (as per my next tip) but I would immediately be wary as this is essential for you to make your buying decision.

While you are browsing the products, take note of the photographs. Is there more than one? Is the jewellery being modelled? Is the resolution sharp and crisp and allows you to zoom in for a closer look? All of these things are highly important when shopping for handmade jewellery online.

2. Ask Questions

ask questions

Buying jewellery is an emotional purchase. You need to be sure that the piece you have your eye on is right for you and will live up to your expectations of quality and reliability.

A trusted jeweller will have their contact details clearly and easily accessible on their website. So don’t hesitate to make contact and ask the questions you have. The right jeweller will be delighted to share information about their pieces and will happily take this opportunity to get to know you and your requirements in order to provide the best possible service.

3. Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions

refund policy and terms and conditions


This is essential. Check to see if the Jeweller has a clear refund policy on their website and is it easy enough to return something should anything unfortunate happen to your piece. Having clear Terms and Conditions and a Refund Policy will always lift my trust for an online purchase.

4. Professional

professional website

Does the website look professional? Believe it or not, branding and the look and feel of the website is an important detail to be aware of before you make your handcrafted jewellery purchase. What does the jeweller stand for? Are they consistent in their messaging? This information builds trust and enables you to get to know the jeweller and feel they will be around for a long time.

A great way to really get to know a jeweller online is to simply click through their website and read their About Page or Story. You can also check out their presence on social media.bianca gayle jewellery designer

Buying from a brand that stands for more than just selling products will add meaning and value to your purchase.

5. More than ‘Just Sales’


A trusted fine jeweller will have more content on their website other than just how to buy their jewellery. They will invest the time and effort to include reviews and blog posts of helpful information and tips for their visitors and clients.

If you’re anything like me, I read as many reviews as possible before I commit to buying something online. It doesn’t always have to be a 5-star rating with a 100% thumbs up, but if the reviews are genuine and provide positive feedback of the Jeweller or their work, then that goes a long way when it comes to deciding to proceed with the purchase

Finally, a jeweller that maintains a blog has an intimate understanding of the industry and is most likely an expert in their field. Buying from a jeweller who has a blog increases your chances of receiving quality products that have been made with pride.

You will get to know a lot about the jeweller, learn about their creative process and get insight into how they operate. There have been times when I’ve really loved a piece of jewellery online and click through the website to check out their blog page, only to find that the last entry was published back in 2013. Major let down. Are they still operating? Who knows. However, if their blog is over a month old, don’t fret, they probably just blog every 2 months, quarterly or 6 monthly.

I hope you take these tips on board for the next time you consider buying jewellery online. For just a couple of minutes of your time to click through a website, it will save you a lot of heartache in the long run if you rush to buy something you may not be completely happy with.

I’d encourage you to share your online experience of buying or not buying fine jewellery online and more than happy to answer your questions in the comments below:

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