Getting Started

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This Getting Started page contains the content in our Member Induction Course and our Member Surveys. 

The Induction Course is organised in the following topics and you also receive when first joining our community:

  1. Your membership in a nutshell… and getting started
  2. Our most frequently asked question
  3. How do you look?
  4. Self-promotion
  5. Getting you out there

The Member Surveys are as follows and also when they should be completed/updated:

Complete as a new member and then update every January and July

  • What are Your Needs?  Survey click here

Complete as new member and then update every January or when changes occur

  • How You Help others in Your Business
  • Member Feedback About Out of the Box Biz

Finally we are developing a ‘How to Maximise Your Out of the Box Biz Membership’ presentation which will be available from October 2017. Members are alwasy welcome to contact Out of the Box Biz Master Networkers, myself Fleur Allen or Mary Smith for assistance.