Get in the Go Zone

I recently met and heard author Mark McKeon speak at a National Conference in Melbourne. His presentation inspired me enough to approach him to meet him and buy his book, Get in the Go Zone:

After reading his book it motivated me to put into action daily and weekly the different zones into my schedule – it highlighted how few No Zones I was doing and really true Go Zones too. Not only have I been more focused and productive but each time I follow the discipline, I feel better too.

Reading the book also motivated me to ask Mark if I could sell his book over here in Perth as he is not located here.  In Mark’s words he said ‘My goal is to share the Go Zone with 50,000 people this year via speaking, books, online etc. i would love you to help me.’

Therefore I invite you to help me to help him.

The book is a very practical read, I did so in an afternoon and was implementing the learnings the same day.

The book is available online refer to the image above and if you purchase online.

My next ambition is to inspire the author by us demonstrating enough help and value in achieving his goal here out west in Perth and my business Out of the Box Biz that he seriously considers becoming one of our speakers in Melbourne and Perth.

You just won’t regret buying this little but transformational book

Let’s Go!

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