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Ezy Planner by Linda McMahon

Do You need an Ezy Planner Solution?

Are You seeking an All-in-One System to Organise Your Day?

Do You currently use:

  • Paper Diary
  • Goals planner
  • Affirmations and Inspirations notebook
  • Sticky notes or
  • Gratitude Journal

You say, ‘There is no planner that combines all the above!’

Look no further. Read through this review of Linda McMahon’s Ezy Planner. A brand new product that launched on Kick Starter in 2017! Literally ‘HOT OFF THE PRESS”.

Black or Red Ezy Planner

Ezy Planner Review – Legit

Product Reviewed is Ezy Planner. Overall Ranking: 4.8/5
Price: $165 for Black cover or Red cover

Owner: Linda McMahon, Essential System Solutions


Ezy Planner


To give you some background. I just love having a diary that I can
see a full week’s view, what I mean is viewing a 7 day layout across 2
pages of an A5 size diary. So when Linda McMahon from Essential System Solutions told me about her new Ezy Planner I was excited because:

Firstly, I have completed Linda’s time management, productivity and systems courses but…

I was also sceptical because it used one page per day rather than the full week view I am used too.

So after much discussion with Linda about the pros and cons, I decided to experience her Ezy Planner for myself and see what the
results were.


It has now been 4 weeks since I have been using the Ezy Planner and Wow! My productivity has increased exponentially.


I think because I now have my notes, reminders, sticky notes, diary, schedule, to do list, planner and affirmations all in  one place instead of across a number of books and documents. (I do also document part of
my goals on Trello) as a back up to have an online record too. But there is nothing like putting pen to paper when things change unexpectedly or you are in a hurry to write a reminder down.


I must warn you. It does take some time to set up your Ezy Planner however… it is well worth it.

I have increased my productivity to an optimum level which means I am able to make decisions quickly. My mind is clear of all the every day clutter of reminders and what needs to get done because it is documented rather than swimming round my head. And because I have so muchinformation and plans laid out in the one place. If anything changes unexpectedly I have all the information right in front of me to be able to make an informed decision immediately.


If you have your goals already documented it is simply a case of transfering your them to the Ezy Planner. If you don’t Linda can help you do that. I know because I have completed her time management, productivity and systems training to increase my productivity and therefore has increased my leisure time. I never had time to learn to sail or walk and do yoga every day but I do now – yay to that!

Therefore my outcome of this Review is not only is Ezy Planner Legit, it absolutely works and transforms your business and personal life!




  • Holds everything, it truly is a planner not just a diary
  • Visually appealing
  • Quality product, leather cover
  • Very good support with educational training videos to help you set up your Ezy Planner
  • Created by a highly experienced Accountability and Productivity Expert



  • To achieve optimum results you need to take the time to set up the planner with your goals and content
  • Doesn’t fit into a small handbag or ‘man bag’
  • You may need time to adjust to working differently to what you’re used too but the results make it worth it
  • The hardest question is, Black or Red?
  • Not Leather but Leather PU PU (Poly) Synthetic Leather is a man made material that will represent the look and feel of Genuine Leather (it does have a lovely feel).


This is a great product for:

  • If you want to achieve your goals then this is for you
  • Motivated business professionals
  • Busy parents


You have access to training videos when you purchase the Ezy Planner.


Access to a private facebook group where you can have your questions answered.


Available via this website (includes postage) for $165  here


Ezy Planner Review = Legit

This is a practical tool to make your life easier and bring back the fun and leisure time into your day. I am passionate about supporting people to commit to their daily habits and rituals to build momentum to realise your goals. Ezy Planner is a tool that can support you to achieve any goal, dream or aspiration you desire. Plus give you balance between your working and leisure time.

My You Tube Review on Ezy Planner

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