When your CRM System fails what to do

CRM System fails

There is silver lining to every challenge, todays is our CRM System fails us. Unfortunately we at Out of the Box Biz have been experiencing some technical issues with our current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This has had some impact on the business but the current issues don’t seem to be able to be resolved. So, we are being forced to change. It is impacting on our monthly newsletter going out which was due 4 days ago. So we were going to delay it by one day so it didn’t go out on April Fools Day.

This is of great frustration for our Founding Director, Fleur Allen.  She understands the importance of a reliable CRM system. Howver, many CRM systems fail micro to small businesses. They can replace support staff, to a certain degree, and therefore buffer these businesses from market fluctuations. However it is concern that the options on the market don’t appear to be a realistically priced for businesses under $500,000 turn over. This level of turn over is most vulnerable to market changes and shifts. They especially need to ‘keep their eye on the dollar’. Of course this is true for all businesses however at this under $500,000 turnover level it can mean the difference between continuing or not if market forces or conditions change dramatically.

Our Silver Lining from our CRM system fails research

On the upside, this has meant a review on many of our systems and in the process of researching alternatives have come across a fantastic subscription that includes hosting up to 50 websites! No way, I hear you say – yes! So there absolutely is a silver lining to every challenge.

Therefore, if you’re one of our subscribers we love you all and apologise for the delays and will have a gift available for you in return.

Look forward to a much more successful experience communicating with our subscribers – let’s go!

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