What exactly is Feng Shui? Is that about interior decorating?

WHAT EXACTLY IS FENG SHUI?   When people first meet me and hear what I do, their question is almost always ‘What exactly is Feng Shui?’ ‘Is that about interior decorating?’ One definition of feng shui is (when you ‘google it’) is: feng shui ˌfʌŋ ˈʃweɪ,ˌfɛŋ ˈʃuːi/ noun   (in Chinese thought) a system of Read More

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Meet Out of the Box Thinker Mia Shilkin

We are delighted to have Mia Shilkin as one of our inaugural members but also she is one of our Hostesses with the Mostess welcoming you into our live networking events each month. Plus for our 12 March meeting Mia will be sharing as one of the Member Showcases so make sure you come along Read More