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It’s a New Year and You want to achieve your goals and you know the Best Goal Setting App would help but…

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Look no further. The Tool reviewed here is simple, has a FREE option and it works! It is the Best Goal Setting App. I personally have used a range of tools however this is my personal choice. This stands out because the expert behind it has been writing about goal setting for years. I personally have been following his strategies with consistent success.

Best Goal Setting App Review Outcome – Legit

Product Reviewed is Goals Wizard. Overall Ranking: 4.5/5
Price: Free or USD$5.99 per month or less than USD$38.99 per annum
Owners: Brian Tracy


This Goal Setting App takes you through Brian Tracy’s proven goal setting strategies in a quick, fun and concise way, it is:

  • Quick because it saves time because the app automatically creates reminders rather than you having to do manually after you’ve created all your goals.
  • Fun because you are answering the questions and setting it all up on your mobile all at the same time.
  • Concise because there is limited room in the app for large blocks of text and instructions but just enough to help you set it up.



  • User friendly
  • Visually appealing
  • Free level to get started
  • Great ‘on boarding’ support to assist you to get setup and started.
  • Created by Brian Tracy, his goal setting strategies are proven by thousands of successful professionals and business owners.
  • Great mobile app to work with ‘on the go’



  • Takes a small amount of time to understand the menus (Today, Goals, Activities, Journal etc)
  • Be patient with the initial Goal set up process. Allow at least 20-30 minutes to set-up for your first 3 goals
  • I prefer for my activity reminders to be on my google calendar rather than my mobile phone reminders – so I just needed to go back in and select one and not both.



This is a great product for:

  • Any business professional wanting to achieve personal or work goals
  • Especially good for Entrepreneurs wanting to maintain work/life balance
  • Great to have your goals with you all the time and therefore top of mind


An easy to follow set-up process is included within the app plus training support by a series of onboarding/induction emails. Because I’m familiar with Brian Tracy’s goal setting strategy the app set-up was enough however the training videos are a great support if you’re still confused.


I have not yet needed to use support because the set-up process has been enough so far. However you are able to contact support directly from the app which is a great feature.


There is a free option to try out the service

Monthly option: USD$5.99 per month

Annual option: USD$38.99 per annum

Find out more here or search for on mobile apps



Teamwork Collaboration Tool Review = Legit

A great tool to have with you on the go, to help you remember your most important goals; to keep them ‘top of mind’. As one that is familiar with Brian Tracy’s goal setting strategies this is a gift. For those that are unfamiliar with his strategies, I encourage you to be patient with the set-up process and begin with 3 goals only. I actually think you should only work on 3 major goals at any one time and reset more once these are achieved. Therefore, the free version of this app is perfect because it allows you to work on 3 goals before having to upgrade.

I welcome you to share your experiences using Goals Wizard or any other goal setting app below:


17 thoughts on “Best Goal Setting App

  1. Hi Fleur,

    I am a big fan of Brian Tracy and have been following him on and off since around 1995. He shares much great advice in his books and seminars. The app sounds great. It’s funny this year I have decided to use themes and intentions instead of goals. No great difference but I struggle with the word goal for some reason and intention seems to work better for me.

    So having read your article I now need to rethink that. I might have to download the free version and see if it is what I am after. I can just use the word intention instead of goal anyway.

    Thanks again for a great article and I look forward to many more,



    1. Thanks for stopping by Kev and sharing your feedback. Yes goals/intentions it is all labels isn’t it? As long as what we as individuals choose resonates with us and moves us into action, is the important step. Let me know how you get on with the free version.

  2. I don’t know Brian Tracy, but if Bob Proctor says it’s pure genius, then I’m sold. I think it is great to have an opportunity to try it out for 2 weeks before buying. I have an Android phone and the link to purchase says Download on Apple Store. Is there an android version available? Dave

    1. Oh I’m familiar with Bob Proctor too Dave. That is a great question re the Androd version. Have you tried searching for Goals Wizard on your android handset? I’m looking for a link as well, thanks for pointing out.

      1. Hi Dave, I am asking if there is an Android version for the app, in the meantime via the link you can create a desktop version (I know not the app but useful in the meantime).

        1. Great, thanks for your help. I would probably be more comfortable with a Desktop version as I mainly only use my phone to text and talk, (I guess I’m old school). Have a great day. Dave

  3. I’m just starting an online business while working part-time and taking care of my grandson several days a week. An app like this is something I think I could use to keep focused and motivated, good review!

    1. Thanks so much Janelle. Yes a great tool to support you to stay focused and motivated. Thanks for stopping by, let me know how you go with the app.

  4. Great recommendations here. I’m actually in need of a goal setting app especially because we are in the new year. New year, same me, but I’ll be doing bigger and better things this time. I’m extremely happy that it actually HELPS you reach your goal as easily as possible since I never reach them and end up quitting. Thanks for the help.

    1. Thanks for your comment Brandon. Yes I hear you re ending up quitting, taking one small daily step towards your overall goals helps to get there over a period of time. I’ve also taken to planning and committing to 90 day goals rather than annual goals so you feel success faster and can adapt and change your goals as you adapt and change. Look forward to hearing how you go.

  5. Wow, thank you so much to sharing this app with us. as a mum of two, I really keep looking for such things to keep myself organised and motivated to do different chores. I love they way your have written this review, so easy and understandable way….keep up the good work and looking forward to read more articles from you…

    1. Thanks Sarah yes I’m a parent too so I absolutely hear you re organisation and juggling of chores etc. Thanks for stopping by and glad you like what you see and look forward to welcoming you back again on your next visit

  6. Anything that can help keep me on track as I try to achieve my goals this year is worth a try! I found your review to be straightforward and easy to read. I will be back for more reviews!

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