Why Networking Doesn’t Work

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Why Networking Doesn’t Work

As a Master Networker of an exclusive business community, Out of the Box Biz, you might be surprised to hear me. Why networking  doesn’t work! Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves here. Have you or have you experienced a new contact or colleague:

  • Arriving late to and leaving early from a networking event
  • Speaking to those they meet the same regardless of their interest or needs
  • When asked what do you do? The reply is ‘that is a good question’ or ‘I do many things’
  • Complaining “networking doesn’t work, I send plenty of emails to new prospects’
  • Commenting “I can’t believe how rude people are by not replying’
  • ‘Machine gun fire’ handing out business cards when no one knows about the person or business
  • Spamming with a sales pitch after meeting at a networking event without an invitation to communicate
  • Saying and doing 2 different things
  • Speaks constantly about themselves
  • Promises to send information and you never hear from them

Relax We’ve all Done It

Now this is not an exercise in naming and shaming. We have all done at least one of the above –  go on admit it, when you were new, green and keen in business. Remember those days, you were so excited about what it was you did you just wanted to get it out there no matter what! So regardless of whether you have yourself or not, as a Master Networker I can guarantee I have heard all kinds of versions of the above and more. Now myself and my team of Master Networkers are human too and have not met expectations on occasions in times of stress or distraction. But if you’ve gone out a few times ‘networking’ and have given up and it has not brought anything in, then you are one of the many that are missing out. The statistics that if you are referred there is an 80{d41129e19b7952ed989ac14c7a27ced362769f93ee73c7a83e57aa5ed679af5f} chance you will get the job or opportunity is alive and well. I know this from personal experience and I have seen it happen countless times through the connections I have made for business professionals I work with as members.

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Why networking doesn’t work

Effective Strategies Do Work

Let’s be clear, there is always a reason why networking doesn’t work. Most often, it is because effective strategies have not employed and no preparation has been done. Now this is where I can feel you rolling your eyes, saying ‘I haven’t got time to prepare’. ‘I’m a very busy business professional you know Fleur’. Yes of course, and I respect that.

But when you learn’t to drive a car did you prepare? Do you have to prepare to the same level now that you have been driving for years? Not usually. Business networking is exactly the same. Learn the key fundamentals and then it is simply a case of checking in. (I recommend once a year) that what you’re sharing when out networking is ‘on message’  and ‘relevant’ to your current business goals.

I Don’t Have the Time

If you’re one of the many business professionals that dismiss business networking as a waste of time and give up without seeking out strategies on how to make it work. Then frankly, you are missing out on the opportunities that simply are not made known publicly. This is not because people or organisations wish to hide opportunities. Think about it for yourself,  if you knew someone that can solve a problem, without having to advertise, well wouldn’t you go to the person you know and trust?

If you would like to view the full presentation ‘Why Networking Doesn’t Work’ by our Founding Director and Master Networker, Fleur Allen, sign up for our free level of Out of the Box Biz membership. Here you hear the top 3 reasons that prevent you networking successfully.  Learn the top strategies that don’t work and how you can turn your networking efforts around to work for you. Do this once in your career and you will have an ongoing source of word-of-mouth referrals whenever you need it. If you’d like to fast track your networking success purchase our online Networking for Success Workshop.

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  1. HI All
    I would Like to Know More, I have been involved in Networking in the Past e.g. State President Local Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Keith, thank you for your interest in what we do, we’d be delighted to share more. Online you can view how we work here https://www.ootbbonline.com/join-us/ However more than happy to speak to you or meet to answer your questions. Please send your best contact number to us. Have a great weekend!

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