2016 Goals

I love this time of year as we wind down for a short time to reflect on the year and spend time with close family and friends. This is also a time that I love to spend some time reflecting specifically in all areas of my life and look at where and what I want to focus on in 2016. I know many people feel pressured when setting goals by the fear of failure. But remember these are your goals and your deadlines so if you don’t achieve them then simply adapt them or change the time line.

This year I used the step-by-step goal setting plan by Brian Tracy to use as my structure to set my 2016 goals. I use a range of strategies for goal setting but for this year I found this process great because the steps are literally laid out in detail and all you need to do is fill in your own content.

So if you’re setting your 2016 goals in Life, Business or Career, , Health, Giving Back or for your Financial Freedom then take a look at this plan by Brian Tracy I highly recommend it.

I will share in another post another strategy I use in addition to goal setting to stay focused on my goals and supports maintaining a disciplined approach to achieving them.

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