"Fire Storm"
by Carol Hazel

Acrylic on Canvas

'exhibited at Visual Arts Expo'
Exhibiting at Art Melbourne 2011
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  • Dimensions: 51cm X 75cm 
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  • Carol Hazel's "Our Swan After Dark" from City of South Perth from Kerotv on Vimeo.   An article written by multi award winning artist David Giles: Carol Hazel is committed to the practice of painting. From realistic landscapes to contemporary abstract her works take us on journeys to explore what paint can do. A preoccupation with water echoes the longing to live and be, besides the water. With Hazel’s work we are taken there, and then some more, as we are pulled into the pictures which evoke feelings, memories and longings deeper and beyond the mere appearance of things. As we engage with Hazel’s paintings we become embroiled in a deeper level of reality as we are led into an engagement with the mark making and painterliness that Hazel puts into her works, sometimes subtle and nuanced sometimes fresh and direct. Hazel has consummate skill as a painter and brings this skill to play in creating works that sparkle and shimmer with the energy of the artist at work.     The . . . more